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Pulse88 - 4x Radeon R9 FURY X @ 1124/550MHz - 16369 marks 3DMark - Fire Strike Ultra


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I assume this is stock voltage right? I made a Vmod guide for the reference PCB Fury and FuryX: http://cxzoid.blogspot.cz/2015/09/r9-fury-tri-x-and-fury-x-vmod-guide.html . HBM on air doesn't seem to scale but the core clock goes well with voltage. I was able to bench as high as 1180mhz on 1.3V.

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Thanks all.


Yes it is stock voltage with stock aio.Cards Vid voltage is very low 1.175 on load. 1145mhz core is possible with all 4 cards under non cf. Hbm is over 600mhz on all cards with stock voltage. coreclock and Hbm clock goes down under cf,tri cf,quad cf.


Will mod the cards later when i have time and go subzero waterchiller.


Fury X and unlocked fury strix will likly give Titan x and 980ti special edition cards a match in FsX and Ultra, were drive overhead has less impact(combined score)(cpu score).

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