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TerraRaptor - SDR SDRAM @ 241.7MHz - 241.7 MHz Memory Clock


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Oh my... This is awesome. Congratulations!!! Most of my SDRAMs crap out at 140MHz or something... Gotta look for some better pieces, lol.


Just please tell me, TerraRaptor, that you did not run this poor 512MB stick at 4V or something like that... lol :) And if you are CPU-limited, then I did not want to know, how far that stick can be pushed then, because this is getting into DDR ram clocks area...!

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trodas, this mem does not scale with voltage (probably 0.5v will gain you 1-2mhz).

I don't think also that it would be possible to gain another 3-4mhz with another CPU - I may only hope 242.5-243 is possible as I'm not sure if it is a limit on Trc already (with Trc=7 mem goes up to 188-189mhz, so with Trc=9 the theoretical maximum is 241.7-243mhz). If the limit is Tras then it may go higher.

Stermy57, you have great efficiency so I hope to see your results this winter let it be air only.

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I ask Stermy57, not you Griff. 230 without qimonda good result, very pos to beat with hynix or hynday. But its good.


When i ask about results now im intresting in competition, in 1m or something. All italy have qimonda and noone cant make result. only gigio very bad 1266 1m. cmon you can make results for competition.

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