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(FS)DDR4 Hynix/ DDR3 PSC


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up for sale are several memory kits, all are tested to work




1. 3x 4x4gb Kingston HyperX Predator DDR3-2666 C13


Three quad kits, I originally purchased them a while ago when I thought about testing x99, which I skipped. They were unopened in my drawer, now that I had access to Z170 I was able to use them for tests so that I can sell them working and in excellent condition. I made raw qulity tests, all sticks do 3200 c15-15-28 1t at 1,35v and less, and 11 of 12 sticks pass memtest 3333 16-16-28 1T at 1,35v and less, for 32m I was able to run two random pairs at 1,27v and 1,29v at these settings on two different z170 boards. Used ICs are Hynix, most likely MFR, invoice of german online shops will be part of the deal.

P.S. To the first question I got - No, I don´t have more kits :P - these are all, so no reject sale here^^


2. 2x2GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3-1600 Cl7


PSC, 10061040 sn, excellent kit on voltage but with low trcd limit, I was able to run these 2667 8-13-9-28 twcl6 extreme subtimings at 1,8v and below for all benchmarks. Should be a very interesting kit on cold as well


3. 2x2GB G.Skill Eco DDR3-1600 Cl7


PSC, 10301040 SN, not fully tested for OC because they already need near 1,75v for 2400c7 boot, I used them for 24/7.


4. 2x2GB Dolphin DDR3-2133 C9


One stick is dead, second one works. No decent test on this one apart from specs, stick has a 2286 9-10-9 xmp which worked.





1. 130 Euros+shipping per 4x4GB kit

2. 60 Euros+ shipping

3. 30 Euros+ shipping

4. 10 Euros+ shipping


Items are located in germany, shipping within european community is 6-10 Euros per item (more if you take DHL), if you come from other countries price wil most likely be higher, so ask for a shipping quote. Payment with western union or paypal non cc, buyer is responsible for fees (add 2,5% if you pay with regular paypal)



Disclaimer: no returns accepted, no warranty provided because this is a private, non commercial sale. On oc, ymmv, but I test on air and usually my results are reproducable at retail hardware

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