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Double stacked SDRAM 36chips


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Guys, my friend provided me with some old SDRAMs (for the over 256MB attempt on i430TX chipset - Asus TXP4-X) and two of them are these rams:




Double_stacked_SDRAM_PC133_36chips_1.jpg Double_stacked_SDRAM_PC133_36chips_3.jpg Double_stacked_SDRAM_PC133_36chips_4.jpg Double_stacked_SDRAM_PC133_36chips_5.jpg Double_stacked_SDRAM_PC133_36chips_6.jpg


I did not managed two machines I tested these in (Asus TXP4-X, MSI K7TM Pro) to post with them, I could and probably will test others SDRAM-capable mobos (JetWay V266B, PCchips M810LR), but the chance are IMHO minimal.


IMHO these are ECC rams. Anyone seen that rams? It is mainly the double-stacking that get me interesed, because I never seen anything like that yet. They stack like HBM rams, lol :D


So, there it is for your enjoyment and maybe someone could identify these...? Don_Dan, Strunkenbold, Jazzman or other memory experts? :P

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