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The official HWBOT Team Cup 2015 thread.


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Well done to all teams in the Cup.


This was a great comp with some really challenging and frustrating stages.


Some incredible results have been posted by all and it has most certainly got my blood pumping to go back to things like Phenom's and chase down some of the better times.



Once again well done everyone.

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Our team, specially the BenchBrothers and Strunkenbold, pushed hard and we are really happy with our 3rd place this year.

Was a great and specially fair competition among the top-teams - thanks all for that!


Was a good and fun competition with widely open hardware field - well done this year hwbot!


€: wow and that was post no.1000 :woot:

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it was a great competition :)

congrats to everyone

only the timing was bad for me because i was most time on journey :(

especially the lowpoint-stages were nice. and 486 was really cool, but this time i could not participate >_<

my own fault, hope next time there will be a 486-stage, too ^_^

and a 3D-mark 01-agp-non nvidia/ati stage :D

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Grats all... Definitely a fun run.


Although it would be nice next year if TC is not the same as Old School! We have 10+ years of stuff to work with if we stop at 775. That's plenty ;)


The good mix of all kinds of stages is what I like the most with the competition, that there is something for everyone and its a real team competition couse the chanse of one guy having all the stuff is very slim :)


And a big grats to CP for great performance during the cup!

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