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nVidia drivers >162.67 that allow coolbits?


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Guys, I downloaded for me little 8600 GT card a nVidia Forceware 162.67 drivers and when I apply coolbits, the speed actually go down. So it looks like that nVidia modified their drivers on their webpage to actually prevent overclocking by coolbits (the easy way and preffered way for me) for even old cards.


Now the question is obvious - where and witch drivers (or modified ones?) I should use? Or someone have them on the CD or in "Install" directory on HDD as I have most stuff and can upload them on mediafire.com or somewhere...?


Thanks for suggestions. I know it looks as a bit lame question, but IIRC the Omega drivers ended up at around v61.77 Forceware and for 8600 GT I need 162.67 and higher.


I would prefer the old controll pannel, but that is probably wishing too much... ;)

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