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I still think the Team-Ranking is vital for the bot and to fight "dying XOC". I can only talk for some german teams but e.g. PCGH has almost no activity anymore because we have no real goal. I'd still love to try the idea I showed in this post: http://forum.hwbot.org/showpost.php?p=411754&postcount=39

Not to replace the old team ranking but to have something which would be active and also for small teams.


The HWBOT World Tour tries to get new people into OC which is the right thing to do to fight the loss of XOC members. However, it is a huge step from OC to XOC and from my experience it won't happen without a good team.

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Maybe a returning team competition tied to Pro/Challenger seasons would be one way to keep more people interested. Country cup is very popular, but it is only once a year. Team cup is old school, and then there is actual old school. But what is there for more newish hardware? If you are not a hardcore old school bencher you are most like sitting on hw that is around 1-3 (maybe up to 5) generations old. A competition for this type of hw on a smaller scale than country cup, tied to the same time table as challenger, would be very nice. 5 stages, and 3-5 results per team.

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Yes, but the question is if people really care about long term rankings or if competitions with a fixed start and end date is better? I don't think the individual ranking is that important to most people here, would the team ranking be more important? Once a team has filled their quota of benchmarks what is there left to do?


With competitions there is a time window in which you can rally team members and organize hardware. When that competition ends, soon there will be another which would feature other hardware/benchmarks and people can rally towards that.

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CP is totally team oriented. We bench for the team ranking, but we really like the team based comps. Team members motivate and help other team members become better benchers. It's good for everybody. Hell, we even help other teams on occasion. There is a small group of old schoolers from many different teams that share pretty much all the tips and tricks for almost any old platform. They know who they are :). We enjoy their company just as much as people from our own team.

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