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Livestreamed 1V1 overclocking sessions.


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OK so I've been doing overclocking live streams for a bit with varying levels of success. On one of the live streams I had the idea that it would be much cooler if there was 2 people competing against each other. So that's what this thread is about.


If you want to live stream overclocking you optimally need 2 cameras one to watch the system and one to watch your screen. If you're benching 2D you can use a capture card however if you setup a camera well you do not run into any unusual issues that you might get with a capture card.


Ideally a stream like this would need 3 people to actually work. 2 people benching and 1 person doing commentary and maintaining a score/settings overlay on the stream. Whoever is doing the commentary will need quite a bit of download speed since they will be getting 2 external streams that they need to combine into one on their side and upload that to twitch or whatever.


Right now I only have access to my laptop. I'm willing to do commentary+stream mixing for any 2 people who can and want to do the benching. We'll first have to do a trial run to see what the best stream setup is as far as the mixing and overlay goes. Then if that works out we can arrange a time and the 2 people benching agree on the benchmarks and systems and we do it for real.

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  • Crew

Great idea. And we've got here all the tools to make this work (and actually already configured for it ^^). Massive internet, in-stream server, mixing knowledge and stream out + possibility to have one or more remote commentators.

Having them locally would be best though to reduce lag.


As you mentioned, 2D is the easiest as with capture cards it works quite simply, 3D is always a bit tricky and to do things right, it would require a person on each end to keep things running properly. So 2D for trial might be the best option.


Nevertheless, if you are motivated, we can do a trial. If you want to be the commentator, you are very welcome! Then we just need two guys to stream and then from our side we can take care of bringing all the pieces together.

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The idea behind this is that it's going to be short say 3/2 hours during the 3/2 hours you do your setup and benching(you agree on cooling before hand). The job of the commentator during this time is to keep the audience interested. This means that they will talk about the people doing the benching, the hardware being used and the of course the scores and techniques being used by the benchers. To get interesting info on to talk about during the stream pre stream interviews with the participants might be necessary but these will not be public and there won't be any interviews after the stream either.


If you don't want to get interviewed you just gotta send the commentator some info about yourself so that they have intresting things to say. So things like when why and where you got into extreme OC. Favorite system. The amount of binning you do. Past achievements. The kind of thing that people watching you are interested in.


Your job as the bencher is to get highscores and have fun. The commentator needs to hold the audience.

@Xyala would it be possible for us to discuss technicalities of streaming and commentary over skype or something?

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  • Crew

@buildzoid shot you a PM. :)


so for now we have 3 volunteers?

I would actually make it shorter :D 3h is too long, the match is what matters most. For a start with system ready to do, 30min match is sufficient. I'd rather make more matches on different benchmarks than something that lasts forever.

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Keeping it under an hour is definitely a good idea. I know many people outside our community who are sufficiently interested in OC to get enjoyment out of this, but they would never watch someone else fix bluescreens for two hours.


I've managed to hold an audience for 3-4 hours with a good session. The commentator in this is way way way more important than say in football because in football people roughly understand what it is that they are watching. With this the commentator will have to do a whole lot of explaining of various topics to keep them interested. Of course the even will be split into 2 parts. Part 1 would be preparations and then Part 2 would be actual benching so people who don't want to watch the prep can just wait until part 2 is on and watch that.

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@buildzoid Would be a pleasure to discuss some technic and way to do it + help you with the dry run :) Check your PM.

@xxbassplayerxx : could the first limitation being the hardware requirement ;) : need HD Cam (C920) + mic (headset) + Capture card (LGP Lite will do)


Find 2 person with it, and a time frame and will help you out big time :D


Count me out :eek:


I have an HD Cam but that's it. I'll stick to my dirty streams :P

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