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MSI Xpower vs Maximus VIII low 06 CPU test score

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lo all,


we just completed a two day OC event at the Firstlook event. In 3dmark 06 we noticed that our CPU test on the Maximus VIII was less than the one from the MSI Team. Both setups running Windows 7 64bit.


On air 4500/4500 gave 9500ish on the ASUS board with 0201/0007 bios and 10000 points on the TE XPower. We needed to up the core speed on the ASUS to 4700Mhz to get the same 10000 points... we tried other biosses, settings, 3 different Win7 OSses (all 64 bit though) the CPU score output at 4500/4500 remained around 9500-9600ish.


On LN2 we could not breach 13K CPU score at 6100Mhz. Looking at some results I spot similar stuff on the bot.


What you can do to verify our findings and if you have the spare time.


Is it possible to test the 3Dmark 06 CPU test at 4500MHz CPU speed and 4500 uncore in on a Win7 OS plz. ASRock users also plz chime in!




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Can you try the following on the ASUS and MSI board:


1) open 3dmark06

2) select cpu test 1

3) assign 1 thread to 3dmark06 via task manager

4) run cpu test for 3 seconds, then escape

5) enable all threads for 3dmark06

6) run benchmark


Check the CPU score


like this one :

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Only on Win 7 or XP as well? Which version of TurboV Core are you using? Anything before causes performance issues even after uninstall, at least in XTU not sure if other benchmarks are affected as well.


only for XTU another benchmark will be fine ..

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