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Impact VIII Memory Thread !

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Actually pushing some testing with it,it is for sure going to be popular motherboard for Kingston HOT :D


Literally DDR4-4000 with this board and Kingston AFR was only a few minutes tweak,previous only could hardly boot 3733 and anything over is not a go with classic motherboard.Seems one dimm per channel motherboards is the way to go with skylakefail



Will update tmrw with Samsung E-die,so far with A-die,all air ambient temps :



DDR4-4000 14-19-19-28-1T 1.84V




DDR4-4050 13-19-19-28-1T 1.93V





Updated the thread with USB BiosFlashback port and some shots of VRM,very good components used !







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Continuing,first results with Samsung-E,Gskill Trident-z 4000c19 kit


Quick test on ambient and not try to lower the voltage,i have a wall around 4200 and most probably IMC is to blame,random cpu ...


DDR4-4000 15-20-20-28 1T 1.65V




DDR4-4133 15-21-21-28-1T 1.70V



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Further testing on Samsung E + Impact:


DDR4-3600 11-18-18-28-1T 1.88V (same volts as 3866 12-19-19)

DDR4-4000 13-20-20-28-1T 1.75V

DDR4-4133 13-21-21-28-1T 1.85V


From my quick testing,4000 C13 seems to be the sweetspot,need to further analyse this but this looks faster at first glance than either lower/tighter or higher/looser....







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This board is just a monster, it is unbelivable, miles away from all other regarding memory OC.


Here is what I've done so far with 2 Ln2 sessions :


2000C11 straight from boot is easy on this magic board...




2070 11-16-28-278 RTL I/O 47/48 6/6 :eek:




Some frosty pics :)









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