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trodas - Vanta @ 25/30MHz - 2 marks Aquamark


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Not much happens with a score of 2 marks I promise you that xD


2p should take between ~31-62 days (at 62days it turns over to 1point instead!), ~5300 frames gives a average of 7 fph (frames per hour) so its absolutley amazingly fast and rewarding to watch compared to GPUPi where I had ~3 days between the progress updates on the round my GF killed after ~700h

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Thanks guys for noticing. To be frank, I'm much more proud of THIS score, that of the lowest validated by CPU-Z clock for Intel CPU ( http://hwbot.org/submission/2987009_ ).


The reasons are simple:


- first, it took me 3 days short of one MONTH :rolleyes: (stability might be a issue for so long runs, witch is why there are ECC rams for servers to assure a stability when cosmic ray hits - "IBM estimated in 1996 that one error per month per 256 MiB of ram was expected for a desktop computer. This flux of energetic neutrons is typically referred to as "cosmic rays" in the soft error literature." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soft_error - so since I used 1024MB of SDRAMs, a total of 4 errors per month are expected to happen and it is only a luck, that it does not cause crash of system of benchmark...)


- second, the machine is unstable (mostly it did not like simple pasting from PrtScr clipboard into MSpaint) when cache is off, so pulling that off was not easy and the problem was not as much to made the score, but to save the validation infos - luckily Christian Ney suggested providing the log file AND Aquamark react on PrtScr by saving the TGA files into Aquamark3 directory in root of D drive + I provided the video and takes pictures




The score of 1 (or 0?) is possible. I can use Duron 600 (x6 multi), downclocked to 206-215MHz it will be much slower that Athlon (x9 multi) and maybe I can find a way to downlock the GFX card more that to 25MHz core and/or use slower drivers.

The running time will be extreme, tough. I would expect closely to 1,5 to 2 months for "better" score.





TerraRaptor -

Patience and self-confidence!


Yep, it took plenty of both. But score 1 is definitively possible.



gradus -

next run 1 point


Your try! I provided all the informations you need to make that run possible :P Good luck!



ObscureParadox -

I bet that was fun to watch, nice score dude :P


Sure it was. I bit lenghty, tough :) I was surprised, that one of the tests managed the 0.01fps, tough! That was very interesting :nana:

If I will made lower score, then it will be all uninterestingly 0.00fps. That might give the 0 score anyway...



atleast something happens in Aquamark, way more fun then GPUpi for 700h+


Not much happens with a score of 2 marks I promise you that xD


Not true. You can see (on daily basic, tough) that there are some picture updates...! But the ram is clocked too low, that in 3D screen the display is partly trashed, as the RAMDAC is incapable of fully rendering the screen with so low ram frequency. 2D is fine, unless you use 32bit on higher resolution. You have to restrict yourself to 16bit at 1024x768.



lanbonden -

2p should take between ~31-62 days (at 62days it turns over to 1point instead!), ~5300 frames gives a average of 7 fph (frames per hour) so its absolutley amazingly fast and rewarding to watch


Yes, exactly. I have to admit that I was turning monitor on and waiting for it to light on (it is a very old CRT crap, it took like a 2min to light on and it is beginning to be very dim...) in excitement to see the next phase of the test, that can run so quick on modern hardware, lol ;)



Rasparthe -

Incredible score, wonder if 1 is possible? Now if only there was a wrapper... :(


Yes, score 1 is possible. And wrapper - gosh, I would LOVE to have wrapper. It could provide the much need overhead to get into score 1 (or even 0) ...! However even I was reported almost 1.5 year ago to Genieben, that on Vanta the wrapper crash (producing a seeminly valid score 0 witch can be even submited and deemed valid!) and I even offered sending him the card for the test, I never get back and reply.

Now I hope he will work on it soon, but I probably need more pressure from you, guys. Score 1 is waiting! :D Wrapper will help me a lot, the overhead might not be much on modern CPU's, but on Duron at ~200MHz w/o caches it is pretty much ;)



Hyperhorn -

Epic score! A stable power supply sometimes really pays off.


Next try - a Fortron FSP 300W PSU :)



ludek - thank you! :D

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