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Solution for cracking paste on delidded cpus.


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You have enough cold juice to try it again? A few others have had success for one session but it usually broke down during the next run.


ya I guess that will be the test. It's worked twice so far without cracking but with 2 different cpus. Will see what happens the second time I use the same cpu without changing paste


If I need to change it everytime I will probably just use the electrical tape so it will be easy to change the paste.


Need to refill, ran out last night.

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Guest Bullant

So have question I've delided and now use the floating ihs setup the thing is after closing the socket bracket the ihs is now closer to the die because of no silicon that results in squeezing out all the compound that then results in the crack! Lol,so i normaly release the screws on the hold down bracket then close the bracket and then tighten screws back up tight like from factory


So would it be better to not tighten screws so tight on the hold down socket bracket or place something between the ihs and the CPU so the ihs don't squash so tight into the die? It seems by over tightening the pot is also bad idea


I just seen SI used a tape around the die to raise the ihs up hmm

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so far third straight session without changing tim and not one crack, the thick paste is really helping me, it seems like it defeats the whole purpose of de-lidding but I guess the change to thermal grizzly tim helps a lot.


The tape before I resealed seemed to give the same exact effect so might just go with that from now on so I don't have to delid everytime.

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Are we talking full pot or -170?

Huge difference, -170 is easy. Never any cracks. Have only tried full pot once but got the crack immidiately.


No reseal here, just ordinary delid with floating ihs and kryo.


Full pot on 6700K the second time. First time was around -185°C. If I left it full pot it would CB after about a minute. 6600K actually has a real cold bug, so no colder than -140°C on that one.

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i had many times cracks at even -140C with grizzly kryo on delidded cpu without glue ihs back.


might give some differences where do you put your probe.



ya mine was cracking everytime before I reglued. I even had a time where my pot was around -140c and in xtu the cpu core was hitting close to +100c. Now three times so far about to about -180c without a single crack. But my probe is on pot and not behind cpu.

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