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Hide Driver and OS GPUZ

Guest barbonenet

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This was sent to one of my team mates from a mod knopflerbruce some time ago:



I was browsing some scores and saw you've started to hide some info in your screenshots (bios version and video driver). This is not allowed, so you need to replace those screens with the original ones. We had a case like this before, and I suggest the same solution: you get a week or so before we consider blocking scores, in the meantime find the original ones and post them instead Less work for you than uploading another set of subs, and less work for us too.


Unless they changed the rules; I would think no.


Hope that helps answer your question.

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Guest barbonenet
I see what you mean but unfortunately it is not allowed to deliberately hide this information in the screenshot.

if techpowerup make a version of gpuz without the driver and os information, could be fine this version???:D


i think this solution makes the challenge more exciting!!!!!!!

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I know what do you mean barbonenet searching and trying an incredible amount of driver for days...

For example I spending my last weeks to find the best driver with an nVidia IGP from forceware 16x.xx to 2xx.xx

anyway I think that you are strong enough to reach better score even if somebody will use the same driver version ;)

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Other users arrange the tabs for you not to be able to see that info.

They make up a stupid excuse(desktop resolution 1024*768) and nobody complained so far.

As reffering to this case,gtx 580 for 3dm2001 gives better results with newer drivers and no fermi tweak activated.



Sent from ....whatever.

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