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The official GIGABYTE Target OC Open Target thread.

Christian Ney

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Is it first to hit the target? Or if you hit the target you get top points?


Hit the target = points


No 8 core? X99/5960x?


No category for 8 cores, no.


Competition is open but no targets?


Targets are announced every Sunday 12PM (noon) GMT+0.


How will points be assigned in max out round of extreme comp?


Highest score wins the points


Isnt the goal to get as close to 900 XTU score as possible in the stage below? Did I understand this wrong or is it just the scoreboard thats not working as intended?


GIGABYTE Target OC Open Target Ambient 4 cores

XTU: 900



Ehr, yes. Let me check for the issue.


//edit: found it, fixed


Just want to ask for,


Non-retail / ES hardware allowed in this competition or retail hardware only ?


Only retail

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