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Overclocking Q9400


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I have c2q q9400, and trying to overclock it. I can set FSB to 510-520 MHz and bios loads and works fine, but i cant load windows, and this happens when FSB is above 480 MHz. When FSB below 480 windows loading. What it can be?


My cpecs are:

mobo P5K

mem corsair 6400c5c


I tried to set CPUV 1.5V, dimmV 2.2V and NB 1.45V

Some photo =)


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Yes ! 775 quad oc is about Gtl-s from near 500 fsb. From here You have to increase Vtt voltage usually. I don't know how much is the base voltage for it in that board. Without gtl setting (and skew-s even) I think 480 - 500 is the upper level but it depends how well can the board and the cpu can work together. P35's Pll should be enough for even much higher clocks I think. You can try raise Vtt higher than the cpu needs it. Maybe You can raise 5-10 fsb if the reference voltages moves the right way. It's not the nicest way, but someday it helps a bit. :D

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