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[GUIDE] Skylake Memory Timings on Asus Motherboards !


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Hey Alex,


I think you did a great job. Also I don't agree with hiding information to make it challenging, there is literally no guide on tweaking tertiaries for DDR4, plus isn't not like he wrote a guide on "How to Splave" and beat Splave at his own game in the HOT comp. He just wanted to share his knowledge of one of the more intimidating areas of DRAM overclocking, where things differ a lot, and he gave advice on how to overcome odds that give people headaches and make them burn motherboards and set them afloat on lakes. There is a reason that ROG guys release those LN2 benching guides at launch, there is no reason for them to hide the information, as if they make it more public on their platform people will buy it. It's the same thing as DRAm timing profiles they had, I bet a lot of money that boosted their ROG sales a tiny bit as well.


Anyways nice job Alex, people always going to find problems, and there is always room for improvement.

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Very Impressive :eek: :eek:

Must have taken you days if not weeks to get all that info.


I work as a reviewer, and memory review has been something I've done a lot to slowly increase my skill as an overclocker. Despite doing this on daily basis, I can certainly say the information you put in the first post is WAY much better than what I know right now.


Amazing guide man, keep pushing it!

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Added a bit of formatting to the post, hope you don't mind Alex!


For those who want a TL;DR of topics covered:


  • Issue #1: I can’t go over DDR4-3600 on Maximus 4-dimm boards
  • Issue #2: I am stuck at 55 41 78 or 3E POST CODE
  • Issue #3: General behavior of various IC
  • Issue #4: 2 DIMM vs 4 DIMM
  • Issue #5: BAD RTL Training
  • Issue #6: The TWRWR_DR and TWRWR_DR timings .
  • Issue #7: TWRRD_DR and TWRRD_DD
  • Issue #8: TWRRD_SG and TWRRD_DG
  • Issue #9: TRDRD_dr and TRDRD_dd
  • Issue #10: Proper Secondary Timings
  • Issue #11: The sweetspot….So where do we have the best performance?

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Good info. Sure it will save a lot of folks from ever putting in the work, helping all that dont test subtimings and RTL themselves to get an inch further. Though efficiency wont come from random settings.. so I dont think too much was 'given'


*If others made guide folks may complain their mems cant POST his timings, even then couldnt match Pi. Alex made guide anyone can POST/follow and match. I missed the "guide to WR Pi timings" post..can someone show me the way..

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Guest barbonenet



with Peerica_Barii Os AHCI patched (just for try....usually i use mine)....i hide the tertiary just for fun.....but they are not to blame for your low performance AlexRo......look around and keep pushing:)

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Used this guide to do some tweaking on M8E with 4x4GB TridentZ 3200C16 E-die...definite improvement over what I got from before, though I'm not sure how much had to do with the tertiary timing changes, or just different mobo.



Old results on M8G:



New results on M8E using tweaks from OP:


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had this board for a day or 2 now pretty fun with the right chip.



AFR spare kit

I like this board



thanks alex great guide



1.8835v untightened




1.92v dug out a better stick for this run tcke 6 is hard





e-die 4k 19-19 samsung from yesterday before i tried c12 3866 on afr

ua5Uuk3.png 1.884v




AFR 4k http://imgur.com/a/Tbvve1.8985v

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Can your Patriot run 3600 16-16 on asus at 1,35v or less, Calvin? My "cheap" 3600c16 fail this no matter which imc volts or subtimings,1 or 2t, they need above 1,35 for this but run 16-17 at 1,3v memtest...

No go at 3600 16-16-16 1.35v, at least when I initially tried. Maybe I should clear CMOS and give it another go.


Sent from my SM-G928T using Tapatalk

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i went through 6 sticks yesterday. nothing was able to load win @ c12 3733 1.8. (maybe I am doing something wrong on impact but it didnt seem like I was doing anything wrong. os wasnt corrupt


3950 12 12 12 28 220 1t on big ocf. Took half a day to get there. Small steps, lots a patience. :)

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i tried all sorts of things, with the first pair I got but these were atleast posting 3733

everything that could have helped it load would have been taken care with the settings I had I think but who knows. shipping them off to alex and he'll have them in a week. I was really just testing these last 3kits for quick confirmation they weren't DOA as g.skill's track record has been appaling lately. and the RMA kits from Taiwan aren't any good.


Ill wait for my next batch to really take time... I have to wait on some money to come back from all my afr binning

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