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I also think the price of a Lamborghini should be divided by 3. Lolwtf


Why you compared your stuff with Lamborgini? Do you think you did something uniqe? It's only because you don't have any competitors and the're some guys who have extra money falling from their pockets.

Anyway you producted it first, so you can setup price whatever you want. I just pointed on fact that guys with good arms and head exist in our world :celebration:

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it is always easier to say "I could have done that" when you have seen how it is done.

It is easy to see the genius in the design.

Would i like to make one myself? Of course. But lacking the skills, tools, and vision.. i would buy one in a heartbeat if it was in the states.

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First of all congratulations for this wonderful idea.

Is it possible to watercool a *naked* Skylake CPU?

Do you know which deltaT should I expect going from a delidded cpu with liquid metal between the CPU and the IHS to a naked one?

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