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X99 per core ratio adjustment


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Thought you guys might like this experimental software for maxing out your X99 platform, it allows you to change the ratio for each core individually.


Only for ASUS R5E, other ASUS X99 should work in theory but not tested.


To fully utilize this function you need to use it along with TurboV Core. When first started it will ask you "Init per core mode?", entering "y" will apply the current max ratio to each core. After that you use TurboV Core only to set your maximum possible ratio. If you want you can just set it to 80 and forget about it until next reboot. Whatever ratio you set in this software will now be applied on a per core basis.




The software should run natively on XP and newer. Windows 10 will not work right now due to the way its power management. Let me know if you have any problems.

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Have you tested this with LN2? Any interesting findings in the disparity of core overclocks?


Yes, on the one chip I tested two better cores one worse. The problem is one ratio is quite a lot, I was at 129 BCLK. Might have to try and find a new sweetspot around 100.


Possible to do Bulldozer style OC and leave some at 4.0 and raise just one or two cores?


That's exactly what you can do.

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