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GAMERS ASSEMBLY 2016: Who's going?


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Thanks Guys for attending the event. I've been quite busy and might not have been able to sit down for a chat with everyone, but that's just a good excuse to come back next year!


Thanks to everyone who gave a hand in the organization, the competition (our LN2 refill masters), the workshops (all the FFOC members) and of course everyone else attending and overclocking. Hope you had a good time, let us know how the event went for you and we will work on expanding again next year!


Bit thanks to Pepino from MSI and MSI for being the Epic Sponsor of this event. Hope you liked the new format of the MOA as it is integrated with the World Series. Thanks Seasonic for continuously supporting all of the World Tour events around the World. And Thanks to Klevv for supporting this European event! Without sponsors, such large scale OC event (Competition, Workshop and Gathering would simply not be possible)


For those who want the pictures, they are all uploaded here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-LvzkRobcqaVEFNQjlrR2hoZHc


You can also see them and share them on facebook :


Thanks to OCTV all the replays of the matches are here:


And for those who are interested in the Open Benchtable, we are considering selling the prototypes from the event (specially engraved) - please register on the http://openbenchtable.com website.



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