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[price-check] 5960X 5.0 1.300V hwbot prime on AIO


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Please estimate my 5960X. Boxed with papers. CPU is two days old and has only been used for light testing on AIO/water. No stress tests like prime95 and so on!

I am not able to test it on cold.


Max voltages this chip has seen in testing: 1.35V VCore / 1.31 Vcache / 1.9V input for 5.0, 1.85v for lower clock rates

Cooling for 2D was a Corsair AIO unit, ambient 19C


4.8 Cine r15 1.22V



4.9 3d vantage 1.30V



5.0 hwbot prime/ superpi 32M 1.300V





*I have a vali file for 5.0/4.75 hwbot prime, uploading doesn't work for me at the moment


5.0 Fire Strike Physics 1.34V



Uncore: 4.700 1.285V in Super Pi 32M, 4.625 R15 1.275V, 4.75 1.31V boot Win7 64bit 8c/16t

IMC: As seen in the screens, no issues with MFR at 3200C11/3333C12

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