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Please fix XTU points

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Please fix HWBOT giving out too many points for XTU submissions! Even the crappiest cpu on stock cooler gets more HW points in xtu than a decent cpu running superpi 32m on LN2. Even stock laptops can get over 20 hwpoints in xtu which is worrying . The current algorithm depends too much on how many people have submitted a result for a particular benchmark.


Fixing this problem would solve 2 major issues;

1) 3D benchers complaining that 2D benchers are getting way too much points.

2) 2D benchers complaining that way too much points are given out for the XTU submissions. This is a big issue for benchers like me who mostly bench legacy hardware (such as LGA775) due to budget restrictions, and it might put off some rookies who would like to bench frequently but are on budget restrictions so they cant afford to regularly buy LGA1155 and newer cpus. Also, this puts people off from doing benchmarks other than XTU as they might think its not worth it points wise, which is sad because XTU doesn't really have any tweaks unlike other 2d benchmarks like superpi.

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