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[FS] 6700K box (EU)


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Hi there all!



I have a 6700k chip to sell.


I would call it moderate,there are better chips floating around but this might be affordable for almost the same amount of fun.

So here are its results.

1.248v vid

1.42v 5000mz hwprime on air



4800mhz xtu with 1.37v



6.15g 2k6 1.78v



6.3 2k5 1.78v



with a giga z170 soc force mobo,under an Otterauge Xtreme One pot with thermal grizzly.

cpu is delidded,and sanded die.

cb: no

cbb: -135 -140


price I would like to ask is 530euros + shipping within EU.

paypal is preferred.

shoot me with pm-s and we will have a deal.





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What do you mean by "sanded die" in your original post?


"cpu is delidded,and sanded die."


Does it only do 4.7 XTU on ambient @ 1.42v? Or can it go higher?


It means it has scratched a little bit to avoid thermal paste cracking under ln2 at -170°C


on air cooling it does 4.7 yes because of hitting 90°C already.


Need to test it with prime it seems..

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4.8 prime 1344k runing at 1.392v @ 72-73C package temp at the moment :)


but nobody is interested ..


looks like im keeping it .. :D


Has it been resealed after delid? Or no? Just curious.


I think I may be able to buy it on Friday, can't promise anything though.


You'd do $500 USD shipped to USA? (That's ~445 euro I believe)

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