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5960X good quality!


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I'm thinking to sell my 5960X, if somebody will offer good price ;) if not, i will keep :)

using daily overclock 4500mhz ~1.1v(adaptive 1.09 + 0.001) 30min realbench stable, thats enough for me :)

able to run 30min realbench:

4700mhz 1.2v

4800mhz 1.25v

cache using daily 4200mhz offset 0.190 (1.09v)

at 4.5ghz needs 1.2v (fully stable)

here is video with cold ambient:

live in norway.

Give me offers to pm ;) (of course i will not sell it for 1000€, only higher bids)

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Guest george.kokovinis
What's up with all this offers/auction type stuff recently? Thought you had to post a price for gear....


Rules used to be a lot tougher in the sales forum.

As Gunslinger ( Mike ) said once " This is not eBay "

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I'm closing this thread for the time being. @devilhead, please PM me with your price and a photo of the processor with your username and date showing.


In the meantime, please read the rules for the marketplace. For brevity, the rules violated are listed below:


General rules:

  1. Start a topic in the corresponding section and select a proper thread title. Title must include a location tag like (UK/US/AU/CA/EU). E.g.: [sale] i7-3770K (UK)
  2. Pictures of the Items are required to start a topic. In addition you have to handwrite your HWBOT username and date on a piece of paper and place it next to the items. The date on the picture has to be the same as the date of your topic.
  3. Sealed or closed boxes are not allowed. You have to show the item itself on the picture.
  4. You must set a selling price for your items unless you want to trade only.
  5. Fixed price only. No price upping or bidding like on EBay.
  6. Post information about the estimated shipping costs - especially for international shipping.
  7. Post information about payment details. E.g.: PayPal or international bank transfer accepted.

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