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Strong Island - Core i7 5960X @ 5600MHz - 2252 cb Cinebench - R15


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Would be a good idea to lap your pots. Also check your paste spreading techniques/mounting pressure.

You shouldn't be losing contact at -110. Try drying out your paste also.

Good luck man...


Not that I don't like 2D.. just boring compared to 3D.


I absolutely love 3d and if I had some more money I would be benching my 980 ti every time, just sometimes I can't afford the ln2 so I try and get the most for my money which almost forces me into 2d if I want points.


Ya maybe I need to lap my pots. I have had them for 2 years and there the only ones I have ever used, when I first started I used to tighten way to hard so there marked up. maybe they became a little concave.


I was benching the kpe 980 ti and got to like 1905mhz -80c 1.55v so easily and was about to start getting serious and brought it down in temps some more and then all the sudden I was artifacting and couldn't even pass like 1650mhz, then I warmed up but it happens all over again at about the same point.


I feel like I don't know how to bench anymore, it's weird.

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