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Gunslinger - Core i3 6320 @ 5615.8MHz - 6.83 points Cinebench - R11.5


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I tested volts for booting windows 7 at 4.5 and 5.0 ghz. Only one chip managed 5 ghz. Second best booted 4.5 at 1.20v. Will try the second best chip on ln2 on monday.


A real shame about the other chip. Could cold boot at full pot...sanded die and no crack even at full pot. But what does it help when it doesn't scale...

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Guest george.kokovinis

Here is some feedback from an enthusiast fighting with water.


Not of much help for LN2 scaling but still it is a feedback.


Platform :

AsRock Z170 OCF

Memory : G.Skill Ripjaws V ( e-die ) 4x4gb, high binned by Michael

( Websmile ).

3733 - 12-18-28-280-1T with extremely tight seconds, thirds, IOL and RTL. 1.80V

Retail 6320 bought from Amazon.de

Cooling : EK AIO


Vid : 1.005

39x128 = 4992mhz


1.45V in bios - LLC 1 - actual 1.48.

Very strong IMC


Full blast all heavy load benches repeatedly, no issue.

Digital probe of very high accuracy reported repeatedly max 74 degrees.

Not de-lidded. Not sanded.

Thermal grizzly paste.


Boots Windows 10 4.5ghz with 1.13V and 5.0ghz with 1.41V.


Wish I had LN2...lol

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