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LN2 on gtx 980 ti platinum matrix Please Help..


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Yes, you need to connect the two pads.


One set of pads is for LN2 mode


One set of pads is for the memory heater.


You can solder them together or use conductive ink to connect them!



Thanks for the answers, seen in the image are smooth points, First would have to put two drops of tin in each point and from there link the two points certain ?


Conductive ink? you have some link to see?


this operation does not cause damage to the card? I want to put 1500/2000, it would be for a 24/7 OC



Sorry to ask so much, but do not want to make a mistake

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Should be ok without LN2 Mode, depends on your core quality. The bioses I put in that thread will allow you to get higher memory frequency even without LN2 Mode.


thank you, then I can flash without the LN2 mode ?, I have memories Hynix. can then restore if something happens? as flashing?


what if I unlock the LN2 mode?

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Yes, you can restore if the flash fails. Worst case you have to plug a second video card or use iGPU to flash back. Use m980ti_ln2t3h.rom here http://forum.hwbot.org/showpost.php?p=427992&postcount=31


LN2 Mode enables the switch for second BIOS chip, extreme voltages, higher power limit and increases the VRM switching frequency by default.



ok thans for the reply... but unlock? now what I have to 1456/1800 OC 1.21v, if I could take it to unlock 1500/2000 oc? or better so I leave stock?

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