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mllrkllr88 - Pentium G3258 @ 4800MHz - 6min 28sec 722ms SuperPi - 32M


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I couldn't get it to pass 2666c8 unfortunately. Thees sticks wont even get to the second loop with more than 1.92v, but I think thats common for PSC + air.


Just get one of those tiny disposable tin bread pan, shape it to wrap memory heatspreader while in slots, line with aluminum foil just in case and fill with dice. Pump that vdimm to 2.15-2.2v and 2666c7 should be possible. I have one or two left just in case but -60ish and 2.15v shouldn't be a problem

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You're nice too then, if you just gave them to him like that. :)


Well a guy named Allen gave me a set of 2200c8 8155 pcb PSCx ic mems and a couple tubes of TGrizz just because, made me happy and probably made him happy also and I believe helping others is the best way to grow this hobby

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Guest k.pisti

Since then I found out my 3258 can handle PSC at 2666. Maybe yours is IMC limited.

We both have shitty AF eff tbh. XP is (would be) the way to go.


Noxonite: my result is right after his and I ran 2600C8 very tight seconds and thirds. I think he ran those mems proper tight too.

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