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-> Validated score still wrong? Let us know here

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* gpu-z in screenshot, dropdown must be visible if you run in SLI so all videocards are identified. Rivatuner may be used if GPU-Z fails to identify videocard properly (as of 8 oct 2007)

According the rules, If I use crossfireX dropdown isn't neccesary?

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OverDozeD, don't try to mess with us just because your score was blocked. If you try to find loopholes in rules just to find them, we'll apply them very strict when we come across your results ...


Just to point out: yes, please show the dropdown box. Scores won't be blocked if only the dropdown box isn't shown, though.

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OverDozeD, don't try to mess with us just because your score was blocked

Actually I didn't think of to mess with you:)


I don't care about score, that was good lesson for me

but the question was quite serious, not kiddin or smth like that.


thx 4 reply

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I did not know where post my message, so i apologize if this is the wrong section.


I had a bad link for the validation FM of my 3dm05 score, which was blocked, and i just change it to put the good link.

I was advised to report to the moderation.






thank you ;)


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This result (wPrime) can be "wrong". This Katmai (single cpu), at 630 mhz, is too fast.

The next Katmai (sinlge cpu) is this, at 644 mhz: http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=817090


Siouxx's PC:

Pentium 3 450 @ 630

128Mb Ram


- 4 min 3 sec -


Kolian's PC:

Pentium 3 450 @ 644

384Mb Ram


- 4 min 55 sec -

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It came to my attention that now exist the new Radeon 2600 PRO ddr3 category.

I edited my all scores(I hope :D) achieved with Radeon 2600PRO with ddr3 memory and now these scores are in right category(in the time of the submition category of 2600pro ddr3 didn't exist).

My 2 scores are validated and checked by moderator(not the best score with HW) and I can't change the category for them.




It can be problem because I will have results with the same card in two category, and yes I will have more HW points for that, but this is not right and not according to rules, and it will be nice if moderator can edit category(change to radeon HD 2600pro gddr3 category) of this 2 scores.

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because it's not suspicious so what's the point to block the score??

higher clocks than others,I don't see any problem

u should report these scores because of missing resolution on the ss ;)




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Wrong PiFast version used (memory allocated 61757kb instead of 61372kb)


I've seen that before. I'm glad the other version is so easy to spot;)


More scores that need to be moved/deleted:


http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=500005 - DFI never made a 940 mobo. And the clock is WAY above what these chips can do...


http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=444773 - Says DFI nf4 Ultra-D, which is socket 939 - not 940...

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