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-> Validated score still wrong? Let us know here

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driver issue huh..

im running windows 7 beta

186.18 which is whql

if you check all through orb you will see i have quite a few records in there..starting with laptops.

gateway 6831 - 6860 - 7811

sager np9262 before orb jacked it up with allowing gts250 in the mobile card data base.


so what...i need to take my machine down to evga and run it in front of them for verification? because this is starting to sound pretty far fetched. i didn't hear one word till i cracked the top 10.


A bugged run can happen to anyone. Wouldn't be the first time a score was pulled because of that.

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hummm, well i can run these numbers pretty much at will so not sure how that's a bug. and every one at evga has been following my steady climb..nothing personal but im going to have to dissagree.


my runs are not bugged. i don't submit bugged runs..who does that help? unless of course windows 7 is bugged, then i guess they would have to take that up with them:) (them being microsoft)

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this is my result which is repeatedly being reported by user "tionio" saying screenie should include nv panel showing physx off which iirc is not required according to HWBOT rules? Also looking at the cpu score 4.3ghz 920 (26500) its obvious that physx is off.

that guy is purposely reporting my score because i had reported his score in this same category wherein his 920@4.2ghz had scored 52000 in the cpu test indicating physx is on.

can any mod please have a look at my score, thanks

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Hi there.

Please move these scores to correct category which is 7300GT DDR3 instead of 7300GT DDR2

The score it's impossible for the clocks used :)

pls look at the other scores


and another one here:


even the description says Galaxy 7300GT DDR3 ;)




jmke if you don't mind ;)

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thanks for the clarification jmke.

could you then please remove the moderator flag from the result?

and also that user 'tionio' is reporting my results for no reason whatsoever. he's reported this result now which is completely legit -




could you do something about this please :( ?




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Moderators, can you please check again this suspicious result:




Compare "GFX" score (36192) with other results in this category (best one ~24500).


Clue: maybe it's a CF result (compared with those frequencies in CF category)?

All required details (CPUz, GPUz) are missing!




Issue still unsolved :woot:

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yes the validation is ok, but it with posted in the bad category of processor, it with a x3 720 Black Edition and it with poster in normal X3 720 and Black Edition.



Moreover, it to mark 3912.9 MHz whereas its validation CPU-Z and of 3919.81 MHz.

And to finish, it with a core Deneb whereas the x3 720 with a core heka.

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Would you please inform the user of this and move to 9800 GT category




He has submitted into the 9800M GT when it should be a 9800 GT desktop GPU.


He is using a E8400 + Gigabyte desktop board. Plus does he need to provide more proof in this submissions ? I did not think a screen of just the score was enough


Thank you

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  • 2 weeks later...


Nothing happened yet.

Some goes for this one, which was mentioned by u22 (thx ;) ) in this thread. I reported it already, too. See, neither I open threads for trivial requests as so much other guys do immediately (and get an answer asap unfortunately...), nor I annoy moderators somewhere else. But this official modest way leads to nothing and I have no idea what else to do.

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