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-> Validated score still wrong? Let us know here

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  • 2 weeks later...

Nothing happened yet.

Some goes for this one, which was mentioned by u22 (thx ;) ) in this thread. I reported it already, too. See, neither I open threads for trivial requests as so much other guys do immediately (and get an answer asap unfortunately...), nor I annoy moderators somewhere else. But this official modest way leads to nothing and I have no idea what else to do.

No answer or action after months and several friendly reminders, but I still think that the mentioned scores @ the first link have to get moved and it`s not fun at all to steal a validation. :)

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I have sent this message to first moderator on line, and sorry Turrican that was you, but maybe here i could find answer for my question.


I was wondering if this could be a explained, and of course if you have time for this "checking".


3Dmark 01


http://hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=566945 [ about 100mhz freq more for memory on card, but 800mhz less than my E8500, and he gained over 5k points ?


http://hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=923607 - here you can take a look at this score made by me.



Honestly i really do not know what he did, but i think something is really strange : )


Maybe some tweaks could do the magic, but for 5k points, I would really like to know what happened.


Thank you for your time.

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You're on Windows 7 which is suicide for 3DM01... you also dont have an FPS breakdown window open so its hard to see where hes gaining FPS over you.... seeing as you're on W7... I expect it to be in every subtest :P


You're verification link takes me back to your screenshot :(

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Ok so i need to do 01 in xp and i will gain 5 000 points, doesn't matter if mine E8500 is clocked at 4.4 ghz and his Core 2 E6400@ 3623mhz.


Ok i did not know that. But sure i can do mine test again, not a problem, just don't have hdd with xp here atm...what would be on xp than ? i will gain like 10k points ?


ok I have repeated 01mark with details, and yes - he did beat me like in every subtest !?



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new screenie
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This score is way to high for the gpu clock speeds of 672/1659/480!!!>




Look at result in second place with simula clocked cpu but gpu clocks of 926/2286/580 and his score is 2000 3d marks lower!!!>




Possibly bugged run or MipMap cheat?


Reported his 3Dmark05 score aswell .






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Linked to wrong result.
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SM3 scores look high for the clocks- especially Deep Freeze. LN2 cooled 9800GTX scores cant touch it. The guy doesnt participate in rankings and the result has been checked but I dunno how the score is possible?


-> Its the only top 5 score in the 9800GTX/GTX+/ GTS250 categories where SM3 score is > SM2

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wprime score seems lot too fast




validation link links to wPrime v200 submitted on 25/Nov/2009 03:10:15 but it was scanned by hwbot on 24-11-2009 05:14

Screenshot looks photoshopped.....CPU-Z corners are round at top and square at bottom


I'll have a chat with the others about the possibilit of PS. The score looks weird, like one PII 925 and a Athlon II 250 have been "merged". The screenshot shows v1.55 and a different time, so I changed it - 19.5s sounds more reasonable for that CPU at that frequency:)

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