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should be fixed

Yeah......not so much.



In both of these, the first 2 entries are the same rig. Instead of 2 points and a gold for each, it should be 2 points and a gold for the first one (2x CPU's) and no points for the second entry( still 2x CPU's). Then, all the single CPU entries need the proper points and silverware. Get my drift?:)

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Demiurg blocked two score incorrect, and while Thor checked them already


one of me :



and from other member:



This is not the way to block CORRECT scores while the cpu scores are correct, and normal for that cpu 980X.


As mod you need to know that what the normal cpu score is with 980X.

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normal cpu socre and they block it?


they look at GpuZ and there is PhysX on.

Why ?

GpuZ gives that the option PhysX is on in the driver.

But when you disable PPU in vanatge this option still stays on in GpuZ.


second : the cpu scores are normaal at given cpu speed, otherwise it was +70K cpu score or so, and not 40K with a 980X OCed, just like all my scores of vanatge.


i always disable PPU in vantage and not driver.


They should know this as a moderator.


PS : i whant to send my solicitation sheet for getting a score moderator here on hwbot.

To who i need to send that?

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Are these going to be divided by number of cores also?, So points and silverware will be distributed fairly.

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score ist out of line ;)

1000/1200 OC

and 115 111 FPS





this score is okay


101.5 fps

92 fps



33500 GPU Scores VS 38700 GPU scores?with same gpu clock and less cpu ???? :D

hellooooooo out thereeeee :D

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there was a guy who submitted two cheated scores:

1M - http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1037670_

32M - http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1037940_

I asked Massman and both were removed (hence you can't see the guy if you browse 2D ranks)


but my and others' scores haven't recovered points back

my 1M shows and is rewarded as 3rd (even though it's 2nd), my 32M shows and is rewarded as 2nd (even though it's 1st)


EDIT: 1M is fixed, 32M left to fix

Edited by TaPaKaH
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Hello, dear presenter's team, before short time I have tangled a profile with You. Unfortunately, I have transmitted immediately sometimes a wrong CPU-Z Validation. Hence, I ask you my 8Ghz honouring to extinguish. I ask you, however, to me an honouring for my donation to put down, because I have done this. Not a lot, but, at least, something. Thank you in prerau. mfg

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