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-> Validated score still wrong? Let us know here

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Has to be the chipset driver you're using, or the OS. I have current valids on all of those platforms. Only platforms I have to use the 'classic' version on are 462 and older, and I have valids on those also.

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May I ask why you see the score as bugged? With newer generations we have a lot of fluctuation at cpu speed reading, it can vary up to 5-10 mhz at identical bclk settings. This is annoying but also a

Maybe check out the rules first, I guess you will be surprised.... Removed

Sorry I can't recheck. Was a customer Laptop at the shop I work.  The Laptop is already back at the customer. I'll have an open eye if it happens again with other hardware.

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Wow, thanks. This is interesting, because I tried to install the nV drivers for chipset. Will try next weekend. Thanks!



I remember that before installing DRVs I had 3 devices in device manager with no driver. After installation I had still one without driver. So next time I'll install every single driver...

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Seems like the output uses a wrong locale without a decimal point. Probably a bug in 7-Zip itself. Maybe I can force the locale from within BenchMate. Will have a look at it.

Score needs to be deleted. ;)

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Hmm, just rechecked. I don't think that 7-Zip even uses a decimal point here. The score is just completely bugged.

@Sir_Nobs_of_rone_II. Did this happen once? Or reproducible (each time)? Also can you try without BenchMate? Just use the parameters from the command line in the bench dialog. You find the 7-Zip bench in the apps folder of your BM install.

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I think I found the culprit: It's a bug in the 32 bit version of BenchMate's driver.

The 32 bit version will be removed starting with BenchMate 0.11. It's just too much effort to test all the different combinations of OS versions and 32/64 bit and I don't have the necessary resources.

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