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[FS] 2 Golden 5820 K for Sale


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Hi Folks.


For Sale here are 2 Golden 5820 K´s Retail Boxed.

Chips are only Pre-testet on Custom Watercooling loop. Ambient Temp ~20°

No LN2 or SS benches done !!!


No 1. and 2. 475€ Shipped in EU ---> both sold !!!

No 3. 400€ Shipped EU


For Shipping outside EU you will take that fees !

PayPal or Bank transfered.


No. 1 Batch L535B409 VID 0,96v ---> sold

4,5G @ 1,106v CB R15

4,9G @ 1,290v CB R15


24860819462_6a1f4fe27ios5y.jpg 24862401092_fe6c1fb776wslq.jpg



No 2. Batch L538C273 VID 0,96v ---> sold

4,5G @ 1,109v CB R15

4,9G @ 1,284v CB R15




No 3. Batch L530B422 VID 0,976v---> sold

4,5G @ 1,125v CB R15

4,8G @ 1,314v CB R15

20160222_160613vhsgy.jpg 2016-02-22_0955461qs70.png 2016-02-22_1026026ns0m.png

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