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I was interesting for Excavator for FM2+. Its fresh, new and I have not time for deep testing. Good news is, the TDP of this CPU is 65W and running most of time at 3800 MHz because dont reached TDP base.

So for you guys I tested Superpi at stock single RAM vs dualchannel 2133 MHz and quickly Cinebench R11.5 at stock. Next week Im doing at Wraith cooler review and going to holiday time to the mountain (at weekend Im out of my home also).



Athlon x4 845 has basic clock 3.5 GHz and include Turbo up to 3.8 GHz. The multiplier is locked of course, this is not K version. I used highend board Crossblade Ranger and 1702 BIOS.




As First 1600MHz DRAM in single channel and Superpi. Srry for 1M quality, its some bug of software :)



- 17.581s at 3.8 GHz is better than FX-8370 at stock or than Kaveri a little. And we are still at single channel only...



- Superpi 32M is much smoother than everything from AMD. At 3.8 GHz single channel in 13m 6s. Wow, for this you need FX Vishera with dualchannel and some light tweaks at 5300 MHz or Kaveri at 4900 MHz!



What about if I put second modul, so dualchannel and set the clock to 2133 MHz at DRAM



- 16.317s is solid


- in 32M run 27s quicker than before! And result? Wow...As 5 GHz hard tweaked Kaveri or as 6 GHz FX Vishera :) Lol, its my personal record at AMD AIR :-D



Its interesting, tke Kaveri and Excavator are more effective in 32M than i 1M.


Cinebench at stock is again better...Its in comparison as 4.3 GHz Kaveri :) So in practice 500 MHz advantage.





But main question is...It will be able to overclock? I hope so...tried quickly light OC from BIOS to boot system....So, lets go someone try break AMD WR in 32M with LN2! Unfortunatelly, I have AHCI, so post with blck 115Mhz was not problem, but I got BSOD in Windows logo :) With AHCI I can get into the WIndows max with 105 MHz, its not better than stock settings, cause your freqency without turbo is 3674 MHz..



Im sure, Zen will be clear winner, but we have still many months time and chance break AMD WR in SUperpi. This is the best bulldozer architecture for this one old benchmark...And hope, the BCLK issue wil be not with IDE mode

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100%, L3 has the impact. Its the same as Vishera vs Kaveri. Kaveri is better in single threads where L3 cache is not so important. But sometimes L3 cache is very helpfull. At Sunday I can run single thread Cinebench.

Doyou have PII in your hands, if you can test Cinebench R11.5 at 3.8 GHz single thread and Cinebench R10 also? 64-bit, Win7 at my side :)


PS: for superpi its big, big impact :) With wazza and light OS and tighter timings it could be n around 12min only at stock :D

If I remember, this superpi clock to clock is similar as some Core Quad or core Lynfields?

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Looks like same single thread performance, and huge improve for Super Pi. The question is - how far you can raise the clocks. 5GHz air and 8GHz under LN2? :D

If I remember, this superpi clock to clock is similar as some Core Quad or core Lynfields?

No, C2Q at 4GHz is capable for less than 12s @ 1M and 11min @ 32m. It's comparable with Kentsfield in 32M.

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Michal, are you running CB at default voltages (i.e voltage not adjusted or left to Auto)? Athlon X4 845 should have Pb0 (3800MHz) VID < 1.475V. Since the CB15 score is so poor the chip most likely throttles due TDP (PPT) limit of 65W being exceed. Carrizo is the first AMD CPU / APU which can measure it´s power consumption accurately so lowering the voltage should address the throttling.


Athlon X4 845 should score > 300 in Cinebench R15 at default clocks (3.5GHz base). Even the FX-8800P scores 288pts at 35/42W TDP.

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little baby is home :)


Howdy! I just ordered one of these (back-ordered for a month :-( ).


I have at least one question: does the CPU have configurable TDP enabled? So I could set it to 45W.


If so, could you do a couple benchmarks at that setting and see where the clockrates settle?


After that, I'd like to see WebXPRT and Octane v2 benchmarks @ 65W TDP (if you are willing - please run them through Chrome or Firefox and let me know which you use so I can compare with Kaveri).



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