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Broken Intel Skulltrail D5400XS revival


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I bought a Intel D5400XS a few days ago knowing it was broken for cheap trying to fix it.



the board has no bent pins that are interfering with others, has working processors(2x Xeon X5460), 4 FBDimm RAM modules that work, EVGA 1200W PSU, and a GTX 980.


It posts from a cold startup with a CLR CMOS to the memory check 28->29. As soon as it tries to check the PCI check the POST Led displays 01, and the CPU Overheat light comes on for CPU1 but only dimly.


I tried swapping processors, different ram, different slots for the GPU(even a 9800GTX just incase the 980 was incompatible or broken), CLR CMOS, and visual inspection of the VRM and socket.


I believe the socket is an issue as none of the VRMs seem damaged. The other CPU has no errors even when swapped. Looking at datasheets for the socket Ive found the PROCHOT# pin(AL2) and checked the resistance. The CPU0(good socket) pin AL2 has a ~155 Ohm resisance to ground and CPU1's AL2 pin is ~140 Ohm. Im not sure on how much this plays a factor but if a 10 Ohm resistance variation(accounting for accuracy of DMM) can cause an overheat error Id like to find a way to bypass that.


If anyone has any info on how to remove/modify the overheat signal to allow it to post that would be awesome.

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