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FX-8370 + 970 Pro Gaming/Aura | 5G - 333HTT - DDR3-2666C9 - AIO

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Congrats mate!


So I take it this board is good then? :D


Tried the chip on the Crosshair?


Didn't try the chip on any other board.


The 970 Pro Gaming VRM was designed to be at least equal to the one of the Crosshair and extra effort was put in to make sure it was compatible with the most common overclocking memory ICs.


No complaints here!


(just for full disclosure: it was provided to me to try and test. A couple of post above I also disclosed what other boards I tested prior to this one)

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Do it @BeepBeep2! We all need to warm up for AM4 :)


Little update: I swapped for a new CPU to see if I can get higher stable frequency. On this CPU I can get two of the four CUs idling at 8.1 GHz, so it's quite a bit better. I have a picture of 8.2G+, but no validation yet. Below more detailed information about the two CPUs:


FX-8370 #1: 1432PGY 9DT0641I40165

  • Maximum validation: 8109.60 MHz
  • Session 1: -150c, 1.7V, 264HTT | CU#0, 28x | CU#1, 28x | CU#2, 27.5x | CU#3 28x
  • Session 1: Full pot, 1.85V, 264HTT | CU#0, 30x | CU#1, 31x | CU#2, 30.5x | CU#3 29.5x
  • Session 1: Full pot, 1.95V, 266HTT | CU#1, 30.5x | CU#2, 31x


FX-8370 #2: 1421PGS 9DA2011H40148

  • Maximum validation: 8066.86 MHz
  • Session 1: -150c, 1.7V, 250HTT | CU#0, 27x | CU#1, 28x | CU#2, 28x | CU#3 28x
  • Session 1: Full pot, 1.8V, 250HTT | CU#0, 29x | CU#1, 29x | CU#2, 30x | CU#3 30x
  • Session 1: Full pot, 1.95V, 250HTT | CU#0, 29x | CU#1, 29x | CU#2, 30x | CU#3 31x
  • Session 2: Full pot, 1.8V, 250HTT | CU#3 31x
  • Session 3: -150c, 1.7V, 265HTT | CU#3 26.5x
  • Session 3: Full pot, 1.95V, 265HTT | CU#3 30.5x


There should be a bit more in the new CPU. Validation at 8.2GHz should be very possible.


I also uploaded @elmor's AM3 ratio tool which I'm using to set the ratios. The tool allows you to set the ratio for all cores together or each core independently. If you configure one core, the others will drop to the lowest available ratio (7x). Download link: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/tools/am3_pcratio_v01.zip



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