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Works for me, I get redirected to the page and have the needed form to submit. It is no website problem

Thanks for the info. Will search problem source at my side.

Looks like it's ISP problem, cause it take a long time to connect to http://esportsuat.hwbot.org and redirecting goes wrong.

On main page I haven't got this problem. Only with competitions. Can you add my submission to competition if I can't solve this problem myself?

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Almost certain something is wrong with submitting, I've downloaded Firefox didn't work, scrapped a Windows 10 install on my laptop put windows 7 on no good, installed Firfox no good, now on my wifes laptop windows 10 no good firfox installed still no good,


I am out of machines and choices I have nothing more I can try, there has to be something wrong as both Laptops work on every other website.


Just checked and the Internet explorer with Windows 10 doesn't work either.

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Sorted for people who have the same problem submit as usual on regular HWBOT site then after you have submitted on the right hand side comes up the competition asking if you want to join press the button and it puts it into the comp automatically.

Hope this helps someone, :-)

I found another decision - go to main hwbot page. Move mouse to competitions and select "competitions overview" then choose yours and click participate. Then choose the stage and you get normal submit form.

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