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Martin Shkreli at HWBOT ?


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Shkreli is a League of Legends player who goes by the handle "Imagine Cerebral" and began expressing interest in purchasing an eSports team in 2014.[93] In May, Enemy eSports announced that it had rejected a US$1.2 million offer from Shkreli.[94] Eventually, he founded his own team, Odyssey eSports, and aimed to qualify for the 2015 North American League of Legends Challenger Series. The team lost to Cloud9 Tempest in the qualifying tournament and failed to qualify. In August, Odyssey merged with Imagine, with Shkreli becoming chairman of the team. During the merger, the team acquired the Dota 2 team Leviathan.[95][96]


In November 2015, Shkreli began livestreaming on YouTube showing him playing games such as League of Legends and chess, as well as offering financial advice. Shkreli had previously streamed on the website Twitch but switched to YouTube after his account was banned from Twitch for unknown reasons.[97][98] When Shkreli was arraigned in December and released on bail, he continued streaming from his apartment.[99]


Shkreli had a contract with Collect Records and offered to bail out Bobby Shmurda; Shkreli abandoned this after his own arrest.[100][101]


HWB buyout eminent. lol

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