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(Price check) 6.6 3d 6700k


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There's been so much variation in pricing for good chips between private sales/Romans chips etc I'm not quite sure where to place this one...


6700k retail boxed


Ambient was 1.32 5ghz boot, 1.35 ish prime, 1.39 Cb15.


Scales like a mofo on cold. Just shy of 6.6ghz 05/heaven etc.


No screens and I won't be buying more ln2 just to screen shot.


Does what it says on the tin.


So, what's the opinion?


Also the same for a untested on cold 1.36v boot, 1.45 Cb15. Again retail etc etc. I'd expect this one to hit around 6.4.

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Assuming that max clocks in 05 and hwbotprime are roughly the same, your CPU would be worth 900-950 in Caseking pricing universe. However, you also have to keep in mind that your CPU probably no longer has warranty, let alone the 'OC warranty' that is advertised by Caseking. It's hard to put an objective pricetag on that since different people have different OC habits and hence different chance of ever claiming that warranty.

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Think 05 is higher load than prime. I did look at Romans for pricing and priced below what would be an equivalent chip from him.


Warranty is no issue. Original ihs hasn't been touched so would just need resealed and rma no issue. Obviously not guaranteed getting a 4.8 chip in return though hence the lower price than roman.


Looks like I'm in the right ballpark though. Cheers Sam.

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