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P67/Z68 BIOS collection


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For all MSI Z68 users out there, wanting to run Ivy, check out this page:



BIOS updates from the normal MSI site will not yet support Ivy on Z68.

For Z68A-GD80 G3, download this file: http://download1.msi.com/files/downloads/bos_exe/E7672vJ0.zip

Copy to root-folder of a bootable USB flashdrive, and boot from the device using a Sandy Bridge CPU.

Type: "E7672vJ0" and press enter to flash. It will update both BIOS and Intel ME rom to support Ivy. Between BIOS and ME flashing, the system will reboot atleast once.


Hope this can be helpfull. Found out the hard-way, but it's working now.

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Sorry for bumping up old thread,

I need MSI P67A-GD55 Bios file, where I could download them? The download link is dead :(


I searched in MSI web, but they're all in windows exe format & I can't boot to AHCI windows (board is on IDE mode by defaut & i can't change it without making it "stucked" in POST)


Also, I have ver 4.3 right now, and the newest here is ver 1.15. Could I safely flash it to my board?

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