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Noob guy here, please help


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Hello guys, Noob guy here when it comes to all this OC stuff..anybody can direct me on where to start.. here are my issue.


attached is a picture of my hardware. When i run black desert online (mmorpg) my package temperature is about 70c+ is that ok? regular is 45-55c.


I wanted to OC to increase the FPS in the game. since i don't know the advance stuff of OC..I went to the basic tuning. default is about 34 cpu and cache around the same amount..I tried to increase it to 60s.. but when i click on apply on the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, my pc restarts and starts up normally with no changes.


I'm assuming the basic tuning is an overall increase on most to all areas of OC...instead of specific like advanced OC.


Thanks in advance.

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