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No1Spank - FX-8120 @ 5217.4MHz - 5217.4 mhz CPU Frequency


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Been reported for validation not matching user name. My computer is named OVERCLOCKINGRIG as I have multiple machines. I can upload a screenshot with my name on notepad but I have my FX6300 in at the moment and am not swapping it with the 8120 just for that.

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Case solved!! I was reported I believe because I reported the guy who reported me for not having pictures of his rig.

I'll happily take on all comers in a live head to head with the same gear. (water or air because I don't know how to use anything else yet).

Reminds me of the bull####ers in my motorbike days, I smashed pretty much all challengers on the road so had to take up racing to find some real competition.

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There was no 'case' to start with man, and it was not a retaliatory report either. I don't play games like that. If you had read the rules you would know that a pic of rig is only required in contests, not for every single sub.

Rules say validation must match user name. Your's does not. Remove the sub or have it removed for you. Comply with the rules and you'll not get reported subs. Easy as that.

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