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[FS] 1600C7 Ripjaws, 2000C7 Dominators, 2200C7 PI


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Up for sale is a bunch of DDR3 memory that I can live without.




#1: 2x2GB Corsair Dominator GT 2000C7.

Two modules from separate triple kits. Both modules overclock nearly identical, needing ~1.75V for 32M at 1100 7-8-7 tight.





#2a: 2x2GB G.Skill Ripjaws 1600C7.

One of the earliest/oldest PSC-based kits made by G.Skill. Needs 2T command rate to run dual channel on ASRock, 1T should work fine on other boards. Needs 1.70V for 1200 8-11-7 tight and 1.82V for 1300 8-12-8 semi-tight.

Asking 20 Euros + shipping.


1600c7-12-copya8zb3.jpg 12_1200c8_170v_32m2t_3ibi4.png 12_1300c8_182v_32m2t_r3b5t.png


#2b: 2x2GB G.Skill Ripjaws 1600C7.

A sister kit to the kit above. Clocks a bit worse: needs 1.76V for 1200 8-11-8 tight and 1.90V for 1300 8-12-8 semitight.

Asking 15 Euros + shipping.

Together with Ripjaws above: 30 Euros + shipping.


1600c7-13-copy4rz31.jpg 13_1200c8_176v_32m2t_vsbku.png 13_1300c8_190v_32m2t_zna0v.png


#3a: 2x2GB G.Skill PI 2200C7.

An early-2011 kit with black PCB. Needs 1.72V for 1200 8-11-8 tight and 1.94V for 1333 8-12-8 tight. Seems strong on tRCD: 1200 8-10-8 passes 32M with tRDRD5 on aircooling.







#3b: 2x2GB G.Skill PI 2200C7.

Another early-2011 kit with black PCB. Needs 1.74V for 1200 8-11-7 tight and 1.89V for 1300 8-12-8 tight.

Asking 40 Euros + shipping.


2200c7-11-copyi5uxk.jpg 11_1200c8_174v_tight2kfuff.png 11_1300c8_189v_tight2zduht.png


Shipping costs vary between 5€ and 15€, depending on weight and destination country.

IBAN banktransfer is my preferred method of payment, but I also accept Paypal if buyer takes care of the fees.

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