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Selecting cores on Maximus V extreme?


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Is there some one out there hoo knows how to select between the cores on a 3770k

I cant find any Tool to do that.

When i select 1 core in bios it is not always the same core it selects.

My 3770k have 2 cores there can do about 6.7-6.8ghz and 1 core there can do 6.9-7.0ghz and one core that can do about 7.2ghz i did se a cpuz of 7.239ghz but system crached.


So is there a Tool to select which core you will use to clock on?

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I was talking with a teammate about this a few days ago, we couldn't find much about it either and were left wondering. I imagine if each core has a permanent tag or name (core 1) then there most likely is a way to do so, but not so sure they do. Best solution I have found is booting from the bios at say 6.9g if your looking for 2 core and if you make it into windows you have the two best cores, so 50/50 chance the one you raise in TurboV is the best. Unless you feel like booting at 7.1 and knowing if it boots you found it, but I prefer booting at 5g and making changes later in the OS

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