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Hey guys, we have a Global OC chat going on Skype with benchers on any team, in any country. There are 41 of us in there right now but it's open to anyone in the hobby.


Generally it should be focused on the topic of overclocking but we don't mind some off topic fun. Try to keep controversial stuff out of there though (politics, religion, etc.), since we're a global community.


As usual, try to keep the forum-worthy stuff located on the forums. We don't want conversations that would end up on HWBot or other sites getting lost in the depths of Skype, but feel free to link discussions from HWBot or other sites. If you have a result that no one has commented on, use the Skype channel get share it!


Here's the link:




Hope to see you in there.

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5000 posts? Is M.Beier on the chat?


No, and not going to - it might actually have potential to stay serious.

The hwbot chat is 'fine', though OCX chat was hillarious - great lads.

*Was much more bench oriented, with a lot of GREAT BS mixed into it :)


Honestly Sam, I don't even have time for HW & OC these days - really, what are the odds I have time for xxbassplayerxx, chartiet, filmbot and such alike?


Nah - I'll grab some beer, and do a bit OC at Computex - poor Dancop & Leeghoofd that will suffer my presence ;)

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