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Opinion needed: Ideas for next HWBOT revision

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Current revision is good and I don't like too many changes. We had too many ranking changes over the years. Just give higher points for 3D (like the ideas of 1.25 or 1.5 multiplier) and that's all. Regarding leagues - I agree with Allen to keep 2 leagues unless there is some bulletproof wrapper for ambient/enthusiast contests with air, water or different coolings.

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2 leagues



Everyone else


You can't regulate anything else so the people that are the best at lies will be the head of the air leagues.


I would love to see this, but won't happen.


Alternately as I've said before, and will once again because I love annoying everyone, Move globals to Pro. Everyone else can battle it out with very reduced globals (<5 or none!) and mostly hardware. Want to do globals, go to Pro.


Essentially have a place for the two competing camps. New-gen-is-life camp in Pro, and the real-overclockers-can-bench-anything camp in the lower league(s).


Although I do go back and forth on if I like the idea of relegation leagues.

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IMO the leagues should stay as they are. There are competitions based on leagues. How they will be done if leagues are changed?

HWBot needs to solve the chiller issue without relying on people's honesty, but on a dedicated trusted software. Only then, the competition will bring back the adrenaline. If you manage to deal with registering the temps and clocks during the benchmarks, the real skilled overclockers will raise and the beginners will get more addiction.

On the other hand, a resident software may ruin the score. Let's take SPI32M 5G for example. With all the tweaks involved, a software that uses some memory will probably hurt the result. Unfortunately, not using the software will give many a reason to cheat in a way that can't be seen with naked eye.

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I like the first impression and general idea, about the number and point count seperation of leagues we might have to discuss, maybe one less, maybe OK as proposed. The general design is very good and innovative for me, we are always confonted by problems which might be solved by this - definitely worth discussing it

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Leagues based on points won't work for people who don t' really care about ranking .

U just have to delete submissions and u can compete in 4th league with ln2


This is of course true. There will always be guys that want to be first in a lower league and will use any means necessary to do so. I think we can all think of guys that edge the rules for cooling just to be top in a competition or league instead of pushing forward into the higher competitions. Some guys just like being a big fish in a small pond.


As you said, if being first in 4th league is highest they aspire to be that is certainly sad.


Perhaps CN there should be a timed force upwards for the guys at the top of each league? Every 6 months a bump up for Top 10? This would certainly solve NividaForever concern.

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Other than the chiller issue, don't see why it needs to change again. No global points for anyone but pros/elites??? Definitely hate that idea as me (and many others) have worked pretty hard to get them, losing them would be a kick in the dingding.


I didn't understand the last change. Thought Elite, Extreme and 'regular' were fine.


Am I missing something?

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Moving up from "Enthusiast" to Sub Ambient/Extreme league somehow feels like a punishment since at the beginning of that change you're still a small fish :P in a much bigger pond.

How about adding a few perks so people would be encouraged to move up instead of staying at an easy top spot / engaging in strategic behaviour some of which we've seen in the past and more that would come when leagues are based on points.


Something on top of my head would be having top X+n count towards league total instead of just top X for some immediate benefit when switching. This is just a random example, I'm sure there could be other things than this to make moving to higher leagues desirable.

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I must be dense as I'm still not following. So...with 819 current league points I'd be in the 3rd league? Would I be losing points with this change? Still am not following 100% why this change is needed (I was fine with the old, 3 league structure).

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It's not needed. :P


There are loopholes in the leagues that need to be closed, and as usual, 95% of the members have to suffer because of the 5% that can't be trusted.

The cooling method thing seems to be an issue, and it can't be corrected, so the next thing to do is try to take that out of the equation. Dividing leagues by points is one way...........but a crappy way.


Elite/Pro = 1 league

All the rest = 1 league


Don't like your points or ranking?, step up or too bad. ;)

The responsibility falls on the submitter for points and rank, not on HWB for trying to make everybody a winner.

Edited by Mr.Scott
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