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Cooling: What can we do, what do you want?

Christian Ney

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remind me to sign up an account with Antarctica as my country, claim air cooling on all my submissions.


Eh - I believe we'll have a new category called "Glacier cooling" if he does this..... No way I'd believe it's all on air with all that ice around. :D


BTW do let us know how long one of those will last for a benching session.

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As Mr.Scott said previously, this discussion pops up every X amount of time. It's the same, every time.


Why do you want to change said rules? Those guys that are elite have pumped in thousands of hours and money to get where they are.


If you think it's unfair, step up your game, buy a container, get some LN2 and start benching subzero dude ;)

Global points are there for a reason, and yes, you need exotic cooling to score world records/global firstplaces. You can't compete with a Fiat Panda in Formula One no?


Fair? You compete with the guys in YOUR cooling category, some OC-esports even hve separate brackets for subzero and ambient.

Even in some competitions Elites are prohibited to even compete or ES are not allowed.

So they often times draw from the same silicon lottery as the rest of the overclockers.


The only thing that I would like to see changed is the "apprentice" tag, which sounds a bit, I don't know, not fitting for its cooling category. But that's about it imho.

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