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I need some advice/help maybe I'm missing something, for some reason the "upload" or save function tab "HWBOT" in the GPUPI 2.2 software is not working on my rig. I have reloaded the GPUPI 2.2 software but with the same results. "Downloaded from the GPUPI international support thread web page" I run the PI calculation for the 100m submission but can't upload. My GTX 750 GPU driver is also up to date. "364.72"

I've uploaded a screen grab for viewing.

Rig spec's:


Intel Core i7 5600K CPU @4000MHz

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 750 2GB OC GPU

16 GB Hyper X Savage @3000MHz Ram

Win 10 Pro 64 Bit

Antec 750W TruePower PSU

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is it possible you tried to submit to the wrong category? 100m is a cou benchmark and has to be submitted there, 1B is both for cppu and vga depending on what you chose, I personally had a problem that I tried to submit cpu result to vga section first :D - in case your problem is the file itself, please skip cpu and gpu detection when you save the file and try if this works for you :)

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