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Tweak GPUs for faster ETHEREUM Mining ( 7970 / 280x )


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Just wondering if there are any ways to tweak or mod Tahiti type GPUs to increase ETHEREUM mining performance. Since ETH mining is very memory intensive, it would help boost speed if the memory clock could be overclocked beyond 1600mhz.


I got a few Gigabyte 7970, Asus 280x, Asus 7970, wondering if there are any mods I can do to be able to overclock the memory past 1600mhz to around 1800mhz?

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

I'm running six R9 380's here with -10mV and 1175 on the core, coupled with 1500 on the memory. Increasing the frequency on the VRAM definitely does improve performance. As said above, it is a very memory intensive algorithm.

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