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(FS)DDR3*GTX1,GTX2/ Plat2666c10/ A-Data2933/ TridentX2400c9 and more...


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For sale are a couple of rare and excellent memory kits, all are tested to work and got seal of approval. These items are the heart of the awesome collection of a good friend who asked me to test these, rate them and then sell because he decided to end his collectors mission. Here we go..






1. 2x2GB Corsair GTX2 (Elpida Hyper)


Legends, I tested them on function on two systems and they worked without problems, a very fast oc test resulted in 2133 7-7-6-20 1,68v 32m, not more tested.

jd801428qeqi6.jpg jd801429fpsop.jpg




2. 3x2GB Corsair GTX1 (PSC)


Rated 2400 9-11-9 1,65v, all sticks did 2400 8-11-8 at 1,65v and below at my tests. For optics refer to the picture, some fins are a bit bent, but nothing that really hurts. Two sticks 7.1, third 8.1, all are psc though



3. 3x2GB Corsair Dominator GT DDR3-2000 c8-9-8 1,65v


PSC, at my tests the sticks needed around 1,72-1,75 for 2400 7-11-7-28 1T, not more tested. Useful, but not highend, at fins, a screw is missing at two of the three sticks, apart from this mint condition in original packaging



4. 3x2GB OCZ Platinum XTE DDR3-1600 c6-8-6 1,65v


PSC obviously, I tested them very quick on specs, no real oc results, these might scale like a lot of OCZ with volts and do OK then, but at low voltage tests they already needed above 1,65v for 2200 7-10-7 at my rigs



Samsung D


5. 4x4GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3-2666 c10-12-12-31 1,65v


Excellent technical and optical condition, I checked them in random pairs, both did 2800 10-12-12-25 1t at 1,65v, not less tested, 2800 c9-12-12-21 1t twcl6 worked below 1,95v, they sure will do this on lower volts on the right system and tuning. With original packaging




6. 2x4GB G.Skill TridentX DDR3-2400c9-11-11-31 1,65v


Old HYK0 kit, 12462500, very strong Samsung, 2800 9-12-12-21 1T twcl6 1,96v 32m easy. In box with fan





7. 2x4GB AData XPG DDR3-2933 C12-14-14-36 1,65v


Hynix MFR, awesome looks and some of the highest bins you could get. Tested on specs and also for 3000 11-14-13-28 below 1,75v 32m, on asus tight profile which needs lots of volts compared to auto or asrock. Top MFR


jd80143090ssz.jpg jd801431o2sjv.jpg

8. 2x2GB Trancsend Axeram DDR3-2400 C10-12-11-28 1,65v


Hynix CFR, good kit, tested for 2800 11-13-13-28 1t 1,68v 32m. Good optical and technical condition




Prices (in Euro, shipping not included)


1. 150 Euros sold

2. 150 Euros

3. 40 Euros sold

4. 35 Euros sold

5. 300 Euros

6. 75 Euros sold

7. 85 Euros sold

8. 25 Euros


The items are located at my flat in germany, I handle shipping and payment. Western union preferred, if paypal is used the buyer covers all fees, this is not negotiable. Shipping prices will vary with value and weight, cheap items without insurance I can send for 7 Euros, the Doms for example will be around 15. Please aks for ashipping quote especially when you want DHL or are outside of EU. Each deal has to be confirmed by me, so even if you are fast someone might have been faster xD - I also might confirm a bit delayed bc I am very busy atm



Dsclaimer: Private sale, no returns and no warranty. The items are tested and work, all have been checked with memtest and in windows. If you don´t accept this, please don´t buy

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Kit 5 Dom P's the "2800 c9-12-12-21 1t twcl6 worked below 1,95v" test , are the 2nds/3rds timings like this






Or more like these?






Thats a pricey kit in general (for good reason) and to consider spending that much gotta know if it's a good investment


Thanks mucho !

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He has no paypal and very limited options and experience at international deals, otherwise this would have been no problem. Would have been much easier for me if he could have handled this himself as you can imagine, but this was the best solution

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Well, that´s history now, if something in the thread like the gtx1 are interesting, even at 2x2gb, I think I could give you a good price with bad conscience of emi xD - seriously, might have been my fault, he has tons of workload atm and I might have made thread too early^^

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